World Instruments

At Sangitamiya all types and families of musical instruments are represented, including wind, string and percussion instruments. Within the great variety of musical instruments that the store offers we have:

Percussion instruments such as marimbas, xylophones and glockenspiel; Chinese and Indonesian gongs, cymbals and bells; African djembe, udu and water-drums; Indian tabla, mridangam, madal and ocean drums; Peruvian cajon; Cuban bongoes, güiro and maracas; Pakistani gongdrums, batik and octagonal framedrums; Turkish and Egyptian darbouka; Egyptian bendir; Irish bodhran; Japanese daiko and fan-drums; Caribbean steel-drums; German log-drums and Sansulas; as well as Nepalese, Tibetan and Indian singing bowls, along with crystal singing bowls from the United States.

String instruments such as ukuleles, strumsticks and banjoes from the United States; guitars; Swedish lyres; Icelandic kanteles and earth harps; Celtic harps; German mandolins; Greek bouzoukis; Rumanian psalteries, dulcimers and melody harps; Chinese erhu, gu-zheng and ruan; Mongolian morin-khuur; Vietnamese dan-tram; Russian balalaikas; Indian sitars; Bolivian charangoes; and Colombian tiples and cuatros.

Wind instruments such as Scottish bagpipes; Irish tin-whistles and traverse flutes; Celtic ocarinas and uillean pipes; Britsh and German harmonicas; Chinese hu-lu-si flutes and sheng mouth-organs; Indian shenais, bansooris, harmoniums and shruti boxes; Moldavian double-flutes; Armenian duduk; Bolivian quenas; Vietnamese and European jawharps; as well as Japanese sakuhachi.

Other instruments such as singing saws, melodicas, energy chimes, wind chimes, water birds, horses, elephants, owls, dolphins, frogs, and whirling tubes.

Accessories such as strings for all instruments, bags, cases, straps, tuners, tuning wrenches, metronomes, strikers and beaters, drum skins, and humidifiers.

Learning materials both as books and DVDs.